The Land of Attica

The Variety Savatiano

Savatiano is the heart of the vineyard of Attica, a variety that the residents of Attica have intertwined their lives with. Also a variety that has been identified with the oldest and most traditional wine worldwide, retsina (resinated wine).

The grape’s resistance to drought in addition to its ability to adapt as easily as a chameleon to different soil conditions make it one of the most popular varieties not only in the vineyard of Attica, but in whole central Greece. Despite its high popularity it was set aside for several years. Recently though, thanks to the new generation of winemakers, with the use of scientific knowledge, research, modern vineyard management techniques and vinification methods, it came back to the fore giving a new dimension to the dynamics of winemaking, not only regarding the organoleptic characteristics but also the aging in the cellar.

The main flavour characteristic of the Savatiano variety wines is the refined flavour profile enriched by aromas of drupes, flowers and herbs, which combined with a tender acidity gives freshness to the mouthfeel and the nose, balanced flavour and a long finish.

Moreover, a major advantage of the Savatiano variety is its dynamic to match a plethora of tastes, from appetizers and snacks to rich flavours such as vegetables, legumes, meat, fish, seafood and dairy products.

The restoration of the Savatiano variety to the top quality wines had as an immediate effect the reinvention of resinated wines through new types of selected resin, resulting in complex and delicate aromas to the nose and a perplexed mouthfeel, characteristics that today make retsina an ideal partner in many dishes, such as sashimi, fried or marinated dishes and more.

Other varieties growing nowadays in Attica are:
White varieties: Roditis, Malagousia (to a limited extent), Assyrtiko Aidani, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.
Red varieties (to a limited extent): Agiorgitiko, Limniona, Mandilaria, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

But what makes Savatiano from Keratea to stand out from the rest in the vineyard of Attica is the soil and subsoil of Keratea and the wider region of Lavreotiki with its high concentration of minerals.