Our Vineyard - Our Winery

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy: The authenticity of taste and the expression of Attica through our wines.

Taking the reins of the family business from our father, we had a single goal. To move forward, with starting point the values ​​of the land he bestowed upon us.

Our decision to create high-quality wines that express the grape variety and the soil of our land was for us the only option. We have a good knowledge of our land because its soil is where we were raised and nurtured. Same goes for the vine, observing it and savouring the individual scents of the foliage, different each season. As for the grape, its annual creation, aroma and taste have become part of ourselves. That is what we wanted to preserve. The authenticity of the taste in accordance with the land that nourishes the vine. The only thing missing was a modern winery, which would allow us to accomplish our goal. And we set it up!

Located in Keratea, just a few kilometers from our vineyard. In this winery we turn our vision into action. We transform grapes into wine, combining the scientific knowledge of winemaking with the needs of each grape variety separately. Using modern methods as well as traditional ones such us the use of clay amphorae, we struggle daily to create wines that through their taste introduce you to the beauties of the land of Attica.

Our annual production is 90,000 bottles.

In our family business each member has his own distinct role. Responsible for communication and all the difficult decisions is omnipresent Stamatis, who through calmness and kindness conveys a dymamic spirit to our wines, expressing the philosophy of our small winery, “Mylonas Winery”.