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Our Varieties

  • Savatiano: certainly the most predominantly indigenous variety in our vineyard, reaching 80% of the total crop. Our Savatiano vineyards are scattered all over the region of Keratea.
  • Malagousia: The vineyards of Malagousia are located in Metochi, Dardeza, Synterina, Marmaro.
  • Assyrtiko: Vineyards of Keratea, location Olympos and Skinti Marthi.
  • Aidani is a white variety in the vineyard of Metochi.
  • Mandilaria is a red variety growing in Keratea in the vineyards of Marmaro and Synterina.
  • Limniona, a newly planted red variety located in Skinti Marthi.
  • Merlot in the Metochi vineyard.
  • Agiorgitiko in the Dardeza and Ari vineyards.